Say Goodbye to Paper and Biometric Systems - Streamline Attendance Management with Kyte HR.

Navigate Work Hours with Live GPS and Integrate Timesheets to Payroll in a Snap


Track your on-field teams in real time

  • Initiate dynamic GPS tracking upon clock-in and automatically halt it at clock-out.
  • Match employee schedules with completed work routes to validate timesheet accuracy
  • Accessible from Office, on-Site, or on the go, our solution offers versatile attendance management for modern work environments.
  • Experience real-time visibility into employees' locations during working hours, enabling effective coordination and monitoring.

Clocking in and out Made Easy

  • Effortlessly manage attendance using phones, eliminating the need for cards or biometrics.
  • Eliminate queues and save valuable time by allowing direct attendance via phones.
  • Managers can review, approve, or disapprove attendance directly through the mobile app.
  • Receive real-time alerts for attendance actions, enabling swift response.

Why don’t you put us to the test?

Kyte is 100% free for upto 10 users for two weeks.


Ensure Employees Are Precisely Where They Should Be

  • Geotagged Location Tracking to Validate Employee Presence at Marked Location.
  • Get notifications when employees clock in late.
  • Eliminate time theft and buddy punching.
  • Gain a Highlight of Your Unit or Team's Daily Clock-In and Out Activities

Empowering Decision-Making Through Trailblazing Location Insights

  • Create a comprehensive live trail of employee movements on map view.
  • Real-time location tracking allows the managers to stay updated.
  • Color-coded badge to indicate data availability.
  • History data can be pulled to settle any discrepancy.

Simplified Payroll Administration

  • Remind employees to review and submit timesheets effortlessly.
  • Calculate overtime, breaks, and time off instantly.
  • Stay alerted to irregularities, preventing costly mistakes.
  • Seamlessly export timesheets for streamlined payroll processing.

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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