Boost your manufacturing operations with Kyte HR

Use KyteHR's Attendance tracking app for manufacturing industry to simplify your workflow. Oversee, track, and boost your manufacturing business.

  • Access online documentation and accurate reports.
  • Simplify employee scheduling.
  • Easily manage time tracking with a dedicated mobile app.

Dynamic Job Scheduling

Effortlessly Arrange Multiple Jobs with Time & Attendance Management Software.

Plan ahead with efficiency, seamlessly allocating resources. Prepare different schedules, including full-time, part-time, or flexible shifts. 

You can assign shifts for your entire manufacturing unit or tailor them for different employees. Receive real-time, in-app notifications for resource allocation, making information exchange swift and hassle-free.

Precise Time Tracking with GPS

Facilitate Seamless Employee Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs Anywhere, Anytime.

When your employees clock in and out, you'll automatically receive precise GPS location data and live timestamps.

Time and Attendance System for the Manufacturing Industry makes tracking employee hours a breeze – also allowing you to export timesheets with just a single click, streamlining your payroll process.


Why don’t you put us to the test?

Kyte is 100% free for upto 10 users for two weeks.


Centralized Control Across Multiple Sites

Streamline Attendance Records Retrieval for Enhanced Transparency with Ease.

Enjoy the convenience of centralized controls with our attendance tracking system for manufacturing company. It allows you to effortlessly access attendance records from various sites, all on one screen. This seamless process optimizes your business operations across different locations.

Plus, there's no need for any hardware installation—easily mark attendance through any smartphone to simplify the entire process.

Simplify Overtime Calculations

Effortless Timekeeping with Precise Clock-Ins and Clock-Outs

Our automated timesheets are your ticket to precision when it comes to recording clock-ins and clock-outs. These records not only guarantee accuracy but also give supervisors and managers the tools they need to effortlessly calculate work-hours shortages and overtime.

With this data from our manufacturing employee management software, you can get many insights. Companies also gain the power to make well-informed decisions about work distribution and expansion strategies.


KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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