Recipe to track time and attendance for success in Hospitality Industry

Introducing the Time and Attendance App for Hospitality Industry, an efficient tool to empower your business.  Get instant access to the availability of your staff in real-time.


Whisk Through Schedules like a Cappuccino

  • Attendance Tracking App for Hospitality Industry Enables Employees to Record Work Hours Through Phone.
  • Utilize a Restaurant Scheduling App to Effectively Manage Work Schedules According to Your Team's Availability and Skills.
  • Effortlessly Generate Work Schedules with the Help of Convenient Templates, Recurring Shifts, Shift Swaps, and Other Useful Features.
  • Utilize Automated Scheduling to Eliminate Costly Errors and Ensure Smooth Operations.

Stay on Track with GPS Location and Geofence

  • Easily Handle Work Hours for Multiple Events at Once using KYTE's Accurate and User-Friendly GPS Time Clock.
  • Make Sure Your Employees Arrive at the Correct Location on Time with Geofence Monitoring.
  • Simplify Your Payroll Process by Utilizing attendance management system for Hospitality Industry. Get Daily and Monthly Reports.
  • Harness the Power of Data-Driven Reports to Gain Valuable Insights for Making Informed Business Growth Strategies.

Why don’t you put us to the test?

Kyte is 100% free for upto 10 users for two weeks.


Savour Time Off with Kyte HR's Simplified Leave Management

  • Employees Have the Convenience of Requesting Time Off Right Through the App.
  • Supervisors Can Quickly Examine and Approve Leave Requests, Ensuring a Seamless Process for Staff and Effective Resource Management.
  • The System Offers Live Updates on Remaining Leave Balances, Clearing Up Any Confusion and Promoting Open Communication.

Trace the Path of Event Trails with all in one KYTE HR App

  • Empowers You to Monitor Employee Movements in Real-Time, Ensuring Smooth Coordination and Enhanced Security at Events.
  • With Live Location Sharing, Managers Can Swiftly Respond to Any Developments on the Ground.
  • Keeps a Comprehensive Record of Historical Movements, Enabling Event Managers to Assess Past Activities and Evaluate Employee Performance for Ongoing Enhancements.
  • Enhances Accountability Among Employees and Bolsters Event Security by Constantly Tracking Their Movements Throughout the Event.

Inspire Excellence Through Recognition & Rewards

  • Show Appreciation for Employee Commitment through Digital Recognition and Achievement Badges.
  • Cultivate a Culture of Excellence by Acknowledging Individuals, whether it's in Private or Public Settings.
  • With Our Attendance Tracking System for Hospitality Industry, Celebrate Team Successes and Value Achievements.
  • Boost Motivation by Rewarding Efforts with Tokens that can be exchanged for Preferred Gift Cards

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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