This Secret Real-Time Field Employee Tracking App Will Solve All Your Field Employee Problems

Do you know how companies keep everything running smoothly with a large mobile workforce? How do they know the exact location of their field employees? Our answer is a powerful tool such as Kyte HR – an efficient field employee tracking app. This app is changing the way organizations manage their whole team, including on-site, remote, and field employees. 

It provides real-time insight into your staff’s whereabouts and makes it easy to confirm everybody is working properly from their workplace. If you want to know how Kyte HR tracks their field employees, remain in touch with us.

What is KyteHR?

Kyte HR is a valuable time-tracking app to help company managers monitor their field employees. It is not just about knowing where your employee is, it is also about ensuring safety, improving interaction, and enhancing overall efficiency. Whether you run a sales team, delivery service, or a business that consists of mobile staff, KyteHR is always available to assist you in this regard.

Field Staff Tracking App


What Does KyteHR do for Field Employees?

If you are a business owner or a manager, remember Kyte HR is a modern essential tool that helps you in the following ways:

Real-Time GPS Tracking

  • Know Where Your Employee is: With this app, you can easily see the actual location of your field employee on the map. It will give you peace of mind that your team is working honestly from their places.

  • Geofencing: This app builds virtual boundaries and becomes active when your employees enter or leave their designated areas. It is especially useful for the management of deliveries or large job sites in a specific zone.

Attendance and Time Management

  • Clock In and Out: The field employee attendance app can show their entry or presence at the start of the workday and their leave at the end of the day without the use of any manual logs and punch cards.

  • Breaks and Overtime: This app shows whether your employee is taking a break or lunch according to the schedule of your company or not. It also notices the overtime working hours.

Task Management and Scheduling

  • Assign and Track Tasks: Managers can ask their field employees to show their progress in assigned tasks. In this, employees complete the work on time.

  • Dynamic Scheduling: It schedules the work based on employee availability and location. This flexibility proves useful in optimizing resource location.

Communication Tools

  • Instant Messaging: With KyteHR, field employees can communicate instantly through an in-built messaging system. Simple communication methods also strengthen the bond between them.

  • Notifications and Alerts: This software sends important alerts and updates to field employees immediately. Whether it is about a change in location and schedule or any emergency update, KyteHR will inform everybody simultaneously.

Safety and Compliance

  • Emergency Alerts: As field employees pass through different areas, sometimes they feel themselves in a danger zone. At this time, the safety feature of this app comes into action and informs managers about the emergency. It ensures that the company’s help is just a click away from their field employees.

  • Compliance Tracking: With the help of this app, the company ensures that the field employees are adhering to company policies or not with compliance tracking capability. It is important for organizations with strict rules and regulations.

Benefits of Using KyteHR for Field Employees

So, why should you use Kyte HR for tracking your field employees? Some compelling reasons are as follows:

  • Enhanced Productivity
    When you know in which field and in what way your employee is working, you can make accurate decisions for both their task assignment and resource allocation. It will result in improved productivity and overall performance.
  • Improved Accountability
    Suppose when your employees enter their field without any attendance system and wander here and there without any reason, it is just a waste of time and loss of your company. However, when they know that the employee attendance tracking app is noticing their presence time, monitoring their activities, and tracking their working hours, they will stay on task and meet the deadline.
  • Greater Transparency
    Kyte HR gives rise to a culture of transparency. Both managers and employees will have a connection to the same page and data, which creates an environment of trust and high morale.
  • Better Customer Service
    When you can track your field employees in real time, you will provide an accurate ETA to your customers by quickly addressing their issues. As a result, there will be more customer loyalty and satisfaction as well.

Final Thought

It is very important to have a reliable method, tool, or app. For your field workers, KyteHR is one of the best solutions as a field employee tracking app. It is a multitasking app that 
takes attendance of your staff from any place, supervises them, and connects all employees. So, it takes both managers and employees on the same platform.

In short, if you want to transform the way you run your business and take it to the highest peaks of success, do not forget to invest in this app to keep an eye on your field employees. So, why wait? Discover KyteHR right now and step forward to your bright future.


To start a business with Kyte HR, you need to visit its website and sign up to create a new account. After you set up the company account and invite your employees to download the app, ask managers to customize the settings. Now, provide training and monitor and optimize your field operations.

Yes, you can integrate Kyte HR with other business tools like HR platforms, project management systems, and payroll systems. This integration creates a unified workflow and makes data management easier than before.

Privacy is the main concern. Reputable tracking apps like Kyte HR keep privacy as a top priority, confirming that your data is 100% secure and needed for legal business purposes.

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.

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