Boosting Productivity: The Advantages of Implementing Field Staff Tracking Apps in India

A few years back, tracking the field staff was a big challenge. There had to be multiple calls to get updates from the field employees about their locations and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at the client site. With the advancements in technology it is easy to track field employees with the field employee tracking app.

Although, with the advent of GPS technology, the concept of field tracking had began to emerge during the late 20th century. Early systems were mostly the hardware-based and used in logistics industry only. With the widespread use of mobile apps, it became possible to integrate the GPS technology, allowing the real-time tracking and monitoring of field staff possible. The field employee tracking apps have since then became the integral part of businesses with field-based operations. 

The labor attendance apps have also been integrated with the GPS technology to allow performance monitoring and task management along with the location tracking. 

The field staff plays a pivotal role in timely deliveries, meetings, customer interactions, persuading prospective customers, and revenue generation. Therefore, it is essential to track the moves of field staff. Decisions related to day-to-day marketing campaigns can also be flexibly managed with real-time tracking of the employees. The field employee tracking apps contribute to enhancing workplace productivity and propelling business advancements. KYTE is one of the best field staff tracking apps in India, being used in various industries including retail, logistics, delivery businesses, IT, and more.  

Staff Tracking App in India


Let’s have a brief look at what exactly is field employee tracking app to understand its benefits. 

The field employee tracking app serves as an employee monitoring tool, by gathering pertinent information of the on-field employees. By using this app, it is possible to manage the field employee’s daily task assignments, and their status, and ensure timely client meetings and deliveries. These apps leverage GPS technology and cloud computing to track and monitor the real-time visibility of the field staff’s whereabouts and tasks. While the features of a field employee tracking app can vary as per business model the common key features include:

– Basic Labor attendance app features

– Task and shift schedule management 

– Mobile workforce collaboration

– Real-time location tracking 

– Performance Analytics

– Geo-fencing

– Security features

– Real-time data visibility with the help of cloud computing

– Easy third-party integration with other business software like: payroll, CRM, ERPs and others. 

The location-based employee monitoring apps can be used to monitor staff availability within the stores and offices. But they are especially valuable for businesses with field staff, such as those in sales , delivery, service and other industries where employees need to operate outside the office campuses. It is now possible to manage and monitor staff at multiple retail stores at different locations with one application.


We hope you would have grasped the concept of field employee tracking app till now. Let’s further explore that how it can benefit your businesses:

– Real-Time Attendance Management: Managing the field staff’s login and logout details on the outdated Excel sheets manually can be a cumbersome task. With the use of a mobile attendance app, you can alleviate the stress by getting live updates on employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs. You don’t need to call or text the employee thus providing a peaceful and effective solution for both the employees and management. Mobile attendance app also eliminates the need for paper-based attendance workbooks, saving you a lot of cost. 

– Field Task Management: Managing a team of more than 10 people through touch base calls and SMS can be a daunting task. The field employee tracking app provides insights into which employee was assigned to the area if any issues arise, facilitating the prompt resolution of task-related challenges. Also, KYTE being the best field staff tracking app in India, provides the in-app shift scheduling module, allowing the managers to assign resources to different shifts right from the app. The employee also can view the allocation information right from the app, leading to effective communication. We also provide customizations as per the varying business models. 

– Employee Performance Monitoring: Evaluating the performance of staff working at different locations, with limited office presence and interaction is challenging. However, with attendance and real-time location tracking features in the sales staff/labor attendance app, it is possible to effectively address the issue. 

– Instant Reports and Analytics: With the help of cloud computing and real-time location tracking features, it is possible to view real-time analytics. The field employee tracking apps allow you to track any pattern of absenteeism with a few clicks. KYTE provides an easy-to-use dashboard with analytics and reports in the form of figures, charts and tables. 

– Geo-fencing: KYTE being the best field staff tracking app in India, also provides the geo-fencing feature allowing you to set a digital boundary and track when the employees enter or exit the geo-fence. Geo-fencing feature automates the location and attendance tracking, making the process further simpler and more accurate. 

– Easy Data Exchange: The mobile attendance apps also provide the easy to integrate APIs, making the data exchange with other business software easy.

We hope you would have gotten insights on the benefits of the field employee tracking app through this article. If you have any related business query or want to explore the detailed features provided in KYTE, reach us at:

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