How to choose the right Employee Attendance Management System?

Employee attendance management is nothing new. It has been practiced in human society for centuries, in all domains of work. It involves tracking all employee’s presence and their work hours. It is used to record the time when an employee starts and ends the work and the time off they take. 

The employee attendance management system not only provides the companies with detailed information about when the employees are present or absent but it also allows them to closely monitor any pattern of absenteeism. It is also important to track attendance to have effective payroll management and resource planning.

It is a digital era and each organization strive to make use of the best tools out there to avail the most benefits. Same is in the case of attendance management system. In order to choose the best employee attendance system, it is important to consider some important factors that can decide the quality of results you will have:

Affordability and Scalability: Affordability is a key factor while using any software or service for your organization. It is important to choose the application that fulfills all your required needs without disturbing your budget. Opting for costly software, whose features may not be useful for you can incur high costs to your organization. The applications with multiple plans and offers available for you can prove to be a good choice. Apart from affordability, the attendance management system you choose should also be reliable and capable of scaling your company’s growth over the long term. 

Employee Attendance Management System


Ease of use: Ensuring ease of use is paramount when choosing an attendance management software. The user interface should be intuitive and straightforward, requiring minimal effort to navigate and perform the daily tasks. Availability of mobile apps is the first important factor for ease of use and the other is the UI. A complex UI can lead to ambiguities while filling in the data and may require a lot of time and effort in training. On the other hand, user-friendly attendance management software streamlines the processes and increases user satisfaction. The simplicity in design and functionality makes the user accessibility easier. The apps with UI up-to-date as per recent updates in mobile operating systems are the most user-friendly.

Real-time Data Availability: The employee attendance management systems are most useful when they provide data access in real-time. This is possible through cloud support and leads to better coordination between the employees and management. The attendance records that get updated over the fortnight or month can lead to delays in identifying any pattern of absenteeism and its timely resolution. Real-time access to attendance records can also lead to effective resource allocation and shift scheduling. Therefore, real-time data availability is a boon. 

Flexible and Accurate Time Tracking: The best attendance management systems are the ones that provide flexibility in attendance tracking, along with ensuring data accuracy through different security practices. KYTE is a popular attendance management software that provides various methods to log attendance including timesheets, location-based tracking, log with a selfie, geofencing, and more. 

Seamless Integration: Employee attendance records are important pieces of data that can be used for various purposes like payroll management, resource planning, performance evaluation, business planning, audits, and more. Therefore, easy integration of the chosen employee attendance management system with other employee management software like accounting is an important factor. This can be ensured by reviewing the technology used to build the application and the APIs provided by the app for third-party integrations. 

Reports and Graphs: The employee attendance management systems with easy-to-understand dashboards, showing reports in the form of pictorial representations like graphs and charts, make the app more usable. These reports can help the organization to analyze the attendance reports quickly and make an effective business decision based on them. KYTE provides various report templates and also allows you to create custom reports leading to better usability. 

In-app Leave Management: Leaves and attendance tracking are co-related and therefore, having the leave management module in the chosen attendance management system can streamline the process. 

Shift Scheduling Support: Some of the latest attendance tracking apps like KYTE, also support in-app shift scheduling which leads to effective resource allocation and team coordination. 

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