Kyte HR: The #1 Staff Attendance App for Field and Distributed Teams

Whether it is a Manager, a department head, or the business owners themselves, having a basic right to be aware of their employees’ comings and goings is essential. Attendance and time tracking becomes more important when there are field employees on your team. It helps them evaluate the company’s productivity on a scale of one to ten. Moreover, attendance tracking for field employees helps ensure that there is no time theft being done during the working hours. Nowadays, time tracking is not just a question, it’s a necessity.

Amidst the ongoing advancements in devices and system development, there has never been a broader array of solutions for monitoring employee hours. Making a choice might seem challenging and tough. These typically range from traditional attendance sheets to various workforce management methods. These techniques are designed for attendance monitoring, with the most popular being time-tracking apps.

This article will discuss how time tracking software, such as KyteHR works. We will also learn how staff attendance app assists you in tracking field employees and transforming the way how an efficient work environment.

Why There is a Need for Staff Attendance Tracking for Field and Distributed Teams?


Beyond the obvious need to be aware of your staff’s arrivals and departures for effective cost management. There are several other compelling reasons why meticulous daily attendance app is crucial.


Compliance with Working Hours Regulations

Primarily, it might not be a discretionary choice but rather a legal requirement in some places. For instance, you may be obligated to maintain accurate records as per the EU’s current Worktime Directive. Similarly, in the US, the FLSA dictates the necessity of employee attendance tracking.

These regulations exist to ensure equitable treatment of employees, encompassing fair compensation and protection against exploitation in terms of working conditions and unpaid overtime. Even in the absence of specific regulations, there remain compelling reasons to track attendance diligently.

Financial Implications

Another compelling reason for accurately tracking employees’ working hours is the potential financial loss. This results from disparities between recorded hours and actual time spent in the office. The practice of ‘buddy punching,’ where an employee clocks in on behalf of an absent or tardy colleague. This can incur significant costs for businesses.

Research indicates that 49% of employees participate in this form of attendance theft. Which leads to a staggering $11 billion of losses to the US alone. Therefore, it’s imperative that your field staff attendance app not only ensures precision but is also foolproof.

Key Features That Make Kyte The #1 Staff Attendance App For Field and Distributed Teams


Here are some key features of Kyte that help in attendance for field employees:

1. Live Tracking:

For companies managing a sizable workforce in the field or operating across multiple sites and offices, having an attendance system capable of monitoring employee movements is crucial. KyteHR is equipped with a Live GPS location feature.

This functionality enables the system to capture the real-time GPS location of your employees, along with a timestamp, at any given time and place. With this in effect, employees no longer need to make calls to confirm their location; instead, they can conveniently do so using their mobile devices with a simple click of a button.

field staff attendance app
Key Features of KyteHR Staff Attendance App

2. Geo-Fencing:

Numerous situations arise where employees are required to be at specific locations to carry out their assigned duties. Take, for instance, a sales executive designated to cover and make sales in a particular area for the day.

Instead of making a detour to the office solely for attendance marking, imagine if employees could head directly to their scheduled visits, and their attendance would be automatically recorded. Wouldn’t that significantly save time and effort for the employee, leading to an improved work experience? This convenience is now a reality with KyteHR’s Geofencing system, seamlessly integrated into your HR suite of applications.

3. Selfie Attendance for Field Staff

Our selfie based attendance system is an ideal solution for both companies and government organizations aiming to ensure the presence of their field executives at designated locations.

Field officers are mandated to take a selfie upon reaching a specific site or area. The system automatically captures the photo along with GPS details and sends it to the respective authorities. This process allows them to track when and at what time their field officer fulfilled their duties.

Benefits of Using KyteHR For Workforce Management


Kyte’s comprehensive solution is best in many ways, here are some insights:

1. Automated Attendance Tracking


Tracking attendance manually can be a time-consuming task, requiring businesses to hire a dedicated professional to handle the monthly assessment of employee leaves. The risk of human errors is ever-present, potentially leading to the generation of reports with inaccuracies.

KyteHR’s employee attendance monitoring app alleviates the burdens of manual record-keeping, fostering greater discipline among employees when it comes to regular attendance.

2. Enhanced Accuracy and Error-Free Operation


In any organization, precision is a critical asset. Inaccuracies can result in costly and time-consuming corrections. While manual attendance management is susceptible to human errors, the KyteHR best staff attendance app for remote or field employees leaves no room for deception or mistakes. Utilizing this automated solution ensures precise time records and accurate data for optimal performance in the payroll system.

KyteHR For Workforce Management
Benefits of KyteHR Workforce Management App

3. Cost-Effective Solutions


It’s a big misconception that attendance tracking is costly, but an employee attendance tracking app by Kyte, that too with the most affordable rates in the market, can cut costs. When it comes to manual processes, businesses are constantly at risk of incurring unnecessary expenses. A thriving business thrives on maximum productivity with minimal errors.

By embracing an automated attendance management system, numerous companies have successfully trimmed significant costs. Additionally, a mobile-based employee attendance monitoring app can help in reducing overall resource expenses.

4. Time-Saving Benefits


The utilization of modern technologies, such as employee attendance tracking apps, has proven to be effective in time management and enhancing the workplace environment. One major advantage is the elimination of paperwork, which saves time when compiling accurate employee attendance records.

Tedious procedures like manual task allocation and shift tracking can now be effortlessly managed with just a few clicks.

5. Boosted Productivity


Managing employee progress becomes more challenging in a remote work setup. It’s hard for managers to gauge if their team is diligently working or perhaps taking an unplanned nap. The employee attendance tracking app comes to the rescue by aiding in monitoring productivity, enabling a correlation between output and attendance.

Additionally, every organization has its attendance policy, which should evolve over time to suit the needs of its employees. Implementing the right attendance monitoring app allows for improvements that enhance employee productivity without compromising their autonomy.


Automation of the attendance process enables KyteHR to sidestep the hurdles associated with manual data keeping and instills an upright culture of prompt reporting for attendance. With these advantages, KyteHR emerges as the number one field staff attendance tracking app in the field of team management complexity.

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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