Location-Based Attendance Tracking: A Game-Changer for Employee Management [2023]

Keeping track of employee attendance is a big deal for any company. It’s supеr important for figuring out pay, keeping an eye on how much work is getting done, and making surе all thе rulеs about work hours arе followеd. In the past, companies usеd to write down when pеoplе came in and lеft work, but that mеthod can takе a lot of timе, makе mistakеs, and somеtimеs, pеoplе might even cheat the system.

Nowadays, with more people working from home and thе nееd for a bеttеr way to kееp tabs on attеndancе, Location-Based Attendance Tracking has started to change the game when it comes to managing employees. In this blog, we’re going to discuss how these systems work, the different types you might come across, the perks they offer, and why they’re becoming a big deal nowadays.

What is the Meaning of Location-Based Attendance Tracking?


Geo-fencing or Location-Based Attendance Tracking, in simple words, is like drawing a virtual boundary around a place using GPS or other technologies. When it comes to tracking employee attendance, a geofencing system does exactly that – it creates a virtual boundary around a specific location, like an office or a work site. As еmployееs comе and go within this boundary, the system automatically records their attendance using RFID or GPS.

Location-Based Attendance Tracking - Geofencing
Location-Based Attendance Tracking

This modern way of tracking attеndancе is a game-changer for employee management, doing away with old-school mеthods like papеr timеshееts or punch cards that take up time and can lead to mistakes. With rеmotе work becoming more common, this kind of system offers organizations a more efficient and reliable way to keep tabs on employee time.

Automating Employee Attendance with Location-Based Attendance Tracking


If an employee has to be in a specific place to get their work done like a salesperson hitting up different spots to make sales. Instead of stopping at the office just to clock in, what if they could go straight to their appointments and have their attendance marked automatically? That would save them so much time and effort, right? And it would make their job way better. Well, now it’s possible with attendance management systems that track attendance based on where people are. This system fits right in with the rest of the HR tools you use.

The HR can create a virtual boundary around the work area, and when the employee steps inside, they can punch in and mark their attendance. When they leave, they can’t punch in anymore. This way, the system keeps track of how long they’re working. You can even make different virtual boundaries for different places if you need to. This kind of system works for folks working from home or in a set office building too. You can set up virtual boundaries for the whole month, based on where the employee is supposed to be each day.

Here are a few important points to consider when you’re using geofencing to automate attendance:

  • Create a virtual boundary around the spot where employees are supposed to clock in and out.
  • Decide how often the system should send the location info back to the main server.
  • Come up with a way to use the location data to figure out attendance automatically.
  • Make sure the attendance system works smoothly with the payroll and HR systems you already use.

Benefits of Location-Based Attendance Tracking


The location-based GPS tracking system has some really cool features that make it better than the usual ways of managing attendance.

  • Accuracy is guaranteed: Automated attendance systems help cut down on mistakes and the costs that come with them. They make sure time is recorded right, so the info about how well people are working and how much to pay them is totally reliable. These systems are a lifesaver for workplaces because they lessen the chances of expensive errors.
  • Makes things run smoother: Using an automated system means less time spent on paperwork and more time for other important stuff. It keeps track of how long employees work and puts all that info straight into the payroll system. This means more time for getting things done and more accurate data to work with. In the end, it helps businesses be more productive and make more money.
  • Saving Money: Getting rid of old-school methods and using new tech for tracking employee attendance can solve problems like people not showing up, paying extra for working late, and buddies punching in for each other. This means the workplace actually works well and doesn’t cost as much. It also stops mistakes with pay, so you save a bunch of money.
  • Verification on the go: A GPS-based attendance app isn’t just about tracking where employees clock in and out; it can also check if they’re really where they should be. By comparing GPS coordinates to a set geofence, employers can make sure employees are physically present in the right place when they punch in or out.
Benefits of Location-Based Attendance Tracking
Benefits of Location-Based Attendance Tracking System
  • Notifications and Alerts: One of the super useful things about geofencing in attendance management is its ability to send messages to employees and managers. These messages can remind employees to clock in or out when they enter or leave the geofenced area. And managers can stay in the know with real-time updates about attendance stuff like people coming in late or leaving early. It’s all about keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Attendance that’s up-to-the-minute: Using a cloud-based system to keep an eye on how employees are doing and handle their pay is a smart move. It lets managers create different payment plans and easily check all the info right away. They can also make reports that show what was planned versus what actually happened with employees, helping them tweak work schedules if needed.
  • Saving Time: Using an automated system for attendance makes managing work a breeze. HRs or office heads can keep an eye on requests for making up missed time, taking time off, working extra, and more without needing to talk a lot. This system makes things easy and lets the HRs see what’s going on.

Location-Based Attendance Tracking with KyteHR


KyteHR is your most trusted employee attendance management system; it comes with a built-in geofencing feature. To use this cool feature, the admin has to set up the virtual boundaries for all employees in the software and give permission for daily automatic attendance updates.

Attendance Tracking with KyteHR
Attendance Tracking System with KyteHR

Now, here’s the magic part: whenever an employee walks in or out of the geofenced area, the admin or HR team gets an instant notification. This means no more fibbing about being present and working on projects. But KyteHR goes beyond other geofencing software because it’s a more advanced system with features like:

  • Analytics and reports
  • Selfie-based attendance
  • A shift planner and control for multiple branches
  • Timesheet and payroll integration

It’s an all-in-one tool for managing your workforce.



With a tough and busy working environment nowadays, ensuring accurate attendance tracking is crucial for effective management. Location-based attendance tracking software emerges as a game-changer, replacing outdated methods with its efficient and reliable features. With the ability to create virtual boundaries and automate attendance, this technology ensures accuracy, smooth operations, cost savings, and real-time verification.

KyteHR’s advanced geofencing software stands out with its comprehensive features, providing analytics, selfie-based attendance, and integrated payroll management. Embracing location-based attendance tracking not only streamlines processes but also fosters a productive and accountable workforce, ultimately contributing to organizational success.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the purpose of attendance tracking?

Tracking attendance serves the purpose of enhancing productivity, fostering better performance, and cultivating a positive work atmosphere within organizations.

Q: How do you take attendance based on location?

One commonly employed method is utilizing Geo-fencing GPS tracking, often facilitated through a user-friendly app such as KyteHR.

Q: Which app is used for attendance?

KyteHR functions as a comprehensive mobile attendance system accessible through a user-friendly app, compatible with various devices, from Android to iOS. It enables the monitoring of attendance, including tracking work hours and managing paid time off.

Q: Does KyteHr track location?

Certainly, KyteHR utilizes GPS to accurately track location, ensuring precise attendance monitoring.

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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