Making Attendance Tracking Mobile: KYTE App for Facility Management Companies

The productivity of the Facility Management Companies largely depends on tracking their on-field employees. The on-field employees reaching and reporting on the designated sites on time is crucial for effective customer service and creates a need for online employee tracking. This is possible through the use of a Centralised Online Attendance System. An attendance application can address the time management challenges in facility management and will offer other tangible benefits to the companies such as cost reduction and ability to focus on their core businesses.

What the key benefits of Real-Time Attendance Tracking for the Facility Management Companies?

Real-time attendance tracking offers a number of benefits by tracking the accurate records of employee attendance and allowing the management to monitor and take crucial business decisions using the recorded data. Key benefits include:

Real-Time Attendance Tracking for the Facility Management Companies
Benefits of Real-Time Attendance Tracking for the Facility Management Companies

1. Effective shift planning and resource allocation
2. Head supervisors can easily monitor working hours of field employees from any location
3. Accurate log-in and log-out details of the employees
4. Reduction in administrative costs since less resources are required to track the field staff
5. Streamlines Human Capital Management
6. Payroll management becomes easy with online records of attendance
7. Effective billing management
8. Effective leaves management
9. Optimise workforce time management by monitoring all contractor’s sites
10. Real-time visibility provided, empowers facility managers to make proactive and well-informed business decisions
11. Boosts employee morale and eliminates discrepancies in attendance records.

Why is KYTE the best choice for Facility Management Companies?

With a number of online attendance solutions available in the market, it is difficult for the clients to decide which solution will best suit their business needs. KYTE offers all the features required to monitor the on-field staff of the facility management companies and has thus proven to be the top choice among facilty management company owners. Here are the unique features of KYTE, that suit the industry:

online attendance solutions
Online Attendance Solutions for the Facility Management Companies

Accurate Location and Time Tracking

Keeping track of the workforce attendance working at different sites can be challenging, but with mobile attendance tracking features offered by KYTE, it is now an easy task. KYTE offers a powerful solution by combining location details and time stamps. Any time the employee logs in their attendance, their location and time get recorded and till the time they log out, their live location is tracked. For travelling employees, history trail of their location is available, and app also offers the geo-fence feature allowing the supervisors to track if employee exits the designated work area during the work hours. It eliminates any chances of the buddy punching or other inaccurate attendance entries. This combination proves to be highly effective in enabling employers to trace employee’s whereabouts and optimise their time in the field effectively. With these features offered by KYTE, it is possible to get comprehensive tracking of employees working partially from office and partially in field as well.

Enhanced Mobile Staff Productivity

Inefficiencies and the challenge of monitoring the productivity of mobile employees such as field technicians, house help, device installation agents and more, can hamper the business performance. KYTE helps overcome the associated challenges by providing GPS tracking, which empowers the supervisors to access real-time information about their mobile workforce leading to significant improvements in productivity. This also boosts the morale of the field sales teams and service agents, resulting in remarkable boost in their overall efficiency. With the records available online, it is easy for the supervisors to identify employees with best performance and award them, as well as identify the employees playing weak in their duties and help them overcome their shortcomings with timely feedback.

Optimising HR Processes

KYTE’s time and attendance management solution prove to be highly beneficial in optimising HR processes and workforce efficiency for Facility Management Companies. With the in-app leave management module, it is easy for the employees to plan their leaves in advance and get approval directly from the app. It saves a lot of time of employee as well as company’s behalf and leads to effective resource management. KYTE provides APIs for easy integration with third party softwares allowing the payroll management and other accounting softwares to fetch the employee records with a few clicks.

Reliable Offline Functionality

One of the biggest challenge with mobile location tracking is its reliance on cellular network coverage, particularly in the remote areas with poorer signals. However, KYTE eliminates this worry and can continue to track time and coordinates even in the areas with weak signals. The app securely stores data and synchronises with servers when devices regain connectivity. Also, KYTE allows the supervisors to access battery status of the employees, allowing them to plan tasks and resources in case a staff’s battery dies and not let it hamper the days productivity.

These are the key benefits offered by the KYTE, which makes it a reliable solution for the Facility Management Companies. We hope that we were able to provide valuable insights into KYTE’s unique functionalities, beneficial specifically for the facility management industry. For further information, reach us at: 8003620388

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