5 Reasons Why Every School Needs an Attendance Management Software

An attendance management system is a tool that tracks and manages your staff attendance, allowing the school authorities to easily monitor punctuality and enforce discipline in the school. By providing real-time attendance tracking, the system helps to eliminate the common problems associated with manual attendance recording, such as:

i. Manual repetitive tasks
ii. Increased paper usage
iii. More efforts in tracking absenteeism patterns
iv. Time consuming process to calculate attendance per semester or per staff member metrics
v. Reduced teaching time
vi. Possibility of errors
vii. More time, efforts and space required to store attendance registers
viii. Difficulty in arranging and finding old attendance records
ix. Difficulty in tracking leaves

In addition to providing school administrators with accurate information of staff attendance, the attendance management system also maintains the records in an easily accessible centralised location.

KYTE, being the best attendance tracking system in India has all the features required to track and securely save the school staff attendance. KYTE also provide detailed analytics and reports, allowing the school management to take required disciplinary actions whenever and wherever required.

Compared to the manual attendance recording, a school attendance management system provides numerous advantages and is a necessary upgrade for every school. While it may take some time for the school management to become accustomed to the new system, the investment is worthwhile. As the society becomes increasingly automated, schools must also adapt and find innovative solutions to the age-old attendance tracking challenges. We can ensure continued progress and advancement with a real-time attendance software.

Best Attendance Software in India
Best Attendance Software

Here Are Top 5 Reasons Why All Schools Should Opt For E-Attendance:

1. Data Accuracy

The probability of errors increases with manual attendance tracking, making the collection of data through an automated system the only reliable way to obtain accurate data. The attendance can be digitally marked through the phone application on staff member’s phone. The attendance entry includes the exact time and location of the user, when attendance was marked avoiding the chance of proxies. The data is updated in real-time and is centralised which helps in avoiding human error during data analysis.

KYTE makes use of the easy-to-use latest methods for attendance tracking and allows the school authorities to monitor all the staff members including teachers, drivers and office boys/ girls. Additional security features like geo-fencing and allowing users to add a selfie with attendance further adds to the data accuracy.

Also, the leave management module of KYTE allows the digitisation of leave application and approval process, and accurately captures as well as saves the data of leaves of all the staff members, on a single platform.

2. Data Security

KYTE stores the data in cloud, any entry is updated in real-time and also provides offline attendance tracking feature to avoid any data discrepancy in case of internet issues. The user access management allows only the authorised access to the data and the records can be kept safe on cloud for required duration of time without worrying about the data getting rotten out as in case of paper registers. A lot of maintenance goes in keeping the registers well managed and safe over long periods of time and this can be effectively done with e-attendance app from KYTE.

school attendance management system
school attendance management system

3. Instant Reports and Custom Analytics

One of the most significant advantages of an attendance management system is its ability to generate detailed reports with a few clicks. This feature allows the users to identify attendance trends, customize reports and analytics by timeframes, specific staff member, and make the informed decisions accordingly.

Reports and analytics can be a great tool in monitoring the punctuality of school staff as it clearly identifies the repeated patterns of late arrivals, and hours spent in the school premises along with the absenteeism.

4. Keep the staff motivated

With online attendance software, the staff remains motivated as their efforts to reach the school in time and spending the work hours in premises are recorded in a real-time fashion. Also the late comers feel motivated in order to be in the good books of the management.

The in-app leave management module allows the staff members to view pending paid leaves and plan as well as apply their leaves in advance. The automated leave approval process also saves the time and effort they otherwise need to invest to have a leave approval from the administration by actually visiting them.

5. Save Time and Money

We can’t stress enough on how online attendance software can save a lot of time and efforts. With the paperless environment achieved through e-attendance, a lot of finances can be saved which would have been spent in buying piles of registers for attendance and buying almirahs and building rooms to store the records which only increase per year.

The attendance management system also makes the tasks related to searching and analysing the attendance records easy and therefore cuts the need of administrative staff resources which would have been otherwise required and can thus lead to major cost savings to the schools in long-run.

KYTE has been empowering many institutions with accurate attendance marking and automating the overall administrative workload. If you a school owner or director looking to automate the attendance of your staff, feel free to reach us at: 8003620388.

KyteHR – a product of LAAYN Technologies is an employee attendance mobile application for corporates & government.


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