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With advent in technology and increasing remote work arrangements, the online attendance tracking is slowly becoming the norm. There are a number of daily attendance apps available in the market that makes it easy to track the daily attendance online. Relying on old ways of attendance tracking including registers, spreadsheets are no longer viable. KYTE HR is a cloud-based daily attendance app that provides all the up-to-date features and has been widely used in various industries including: IT, retail, construction and more. 

Daily Attendance App Kytehr

Managing the employee attendance is crucial daily task which forms the basis of building an organisation. Streamlining this process is imperative to ensure smooth daily operations and build a healthy work environment. KYTE HR allows the employees to record their attendance online through mobile apps. The recorded data is stored in a centralised manner with the help of the cloud services.

You need to transition to using a daily attendance app, if any of the following conditions applies to your organisation:

  • You are currently relying on the physical attendance registers or spreadsheets to enter the employee attendance records.
  • You frequently encounter issues with the inaccurate leaves and payroll calculations, stemming form the data errors in the attendance records.
  • Your staff is already getting uncomfortable with you trying to inspect their work hours.
  • The times of audits and compliance assessments fills you with dread due to challenging in collaborating the attendance data stored in different files/locations.

To help you understand the benefits of daily attendance app, we have listed the top benefits you will get:

  • Data Accuracy: Daily attendance tracker ensures precise data collection without manual intervention. It provides the accurate attendance records in real-time. KYTE HR also provides the features of location-tracking and geo-fencing for higher data accuracy.
  • Time Efficiency: With the elimination of paperwork and manual record management, a lot of workload and time is saved. Also, with the cloud support, the daily attendance report can be fetched in real-time.
  • Data Security: With daily attendance app, only the authorised users can submit their attendance and view the attendance records. Therefore, it keeps the sensitive data secure. KYTE HR provides effective user access management allowing you to determine which users can have access to which data.
  • Seamless Integration: Daily attendance apps also provide easy to integrate third party APIs which allow you to integrate with other systems for payroll management, streamlining data retrieval and eliminating redundancy.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With transparent data management features, it encourages the employees to feel connected with the organisations. Also, the managers can view and respond to any absenteeism patterns in a timely manner. This leads to overall user satisfaction and enhanced productivity.
  • Effective leave and shift management: The daily attendance apps can be seamlessly integrated with the leave and shift management systems to transform employee absenteeism into designated leaves. With the availability of this data, managers are also in a better position to manage the shift assignments effectively. KYTE HR, being the best daily attendance app in India, provides the in-built leaves and shift management module, making it more usable and an overall effective solution for daily attendance tracking.
  • Reports and analytics: The daily attendance apps also provide reporting module where various easy to understand reports can be generated to view detail of employee’s worked hours, overtime and more. KYTE HR along with the reporting module also provides a user-friendly dashboard which showcases the data in form of charts and tables for quick understanding. This aids effective business decisions.
  • Build great company culture: With the elimination of buddy punching, real-time access to daily attendance reports, and overall user satisfaction, the daily attendance app helps in creating the favourable company culture.

We assume that this blog would have helped you understand how online attendance tracking works and how it can help your business. It’s crucial to redefine your HR processes and embrace the tools that cater to the diverse needs of your workforce.


It’s the time to say goodbye to the cumbersome manual attendance tracking and help your business flourish with KYTE HR. For more information, reach us out


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