The Power of Data: Why Attendance Tracking Matters for Retail Chains

Employees play a pivotal role in the retail industry. To deliver a seamless shopping experience, it is essential to maintain a skilled and efficient team on the shop floor at all times. Employees reaching the stores on time and switching their shifts effectively is crucial so that optimum staff is always available on the floor. Therefore, the Attendance Management Application can act an important productivity tool in the retail industry.

Why is retail industry moving towards the centralised attendance management solution ?

Nowadays, the retail store chains often have a distributed workforce spread across various outlets within the city or in different cities, and a centralised attendance management solution is required to synchronise the data from different outlets and attain effective employee monitoring. KYTE has played an important role in transforming basic attendance management into a powerful tool for enhancing employee productivity. KYTE provides the retail shop owners with the centralised visibility of their dispersed workforce and closely monitor employee activities in different outlets.

centralised attendance management solution
Attendance Records and Effective Employee Monitoring

How is KYTE helping Retail Industry transform their Attendance Management?

Eliminates the need of hardware installation

Installing the attendance hardware at every retail outlet is impractical, especially for the smaller and expanding retail businesses. It is costly and also requires supervision as it is prone to the issues like buddy punching. Also, adding the new employee to the system is a fuzzy task and hardware requires timely battery charging, leading to unnecessary hassle. KYTE on the other hand is easy to use, allowing you to add employees with a few clicks on your mobile app and the employees can also mark their attendance directly from the app on their mobile phones. This solution also works offline and is easily scalable to multiple stores without incurring upfront hardware costs.

Accurate Attendance Records and Effective Employee Monitoring

The traditional attendance management systems are prone to proxies and inaccurate attendance entries. KYTE eliminates this issue by providing security features like, time stamps and live location of the employees being recorded during login as well as logout. Also, the live location of the employee is tracked during the logged time, allowing the retail owners to keep a check on time theft. The app also provides the feature to post a selfie along with the attendance which can be implemented for further data accuracy. This eliminates the issues associated with manual attendance entries or attendance through hardware like: unrecognisable thumbs, damaged cards, electricity issues during attendance hours and more, ensuring reliable and consistent attendance tracking. Other important feature provided by KYTE is geo-fencing. It allows the retail store owners to create a geo-fence around their retail stores, so that anytime an employee exits or enters the geo-fenced area, they get notified and can easily identify any time theft.

Retail Industry transform their Attendance Management
Attendance Management App for retail industry

Store-wise Employee Attendance Data Reconciliation

Managing multiple attendance management systems across different retails chains can be cumbersome, especially when it comes to reconciling attendance data at the end of the month for salary calculation, considering factors like leaves, public holidays and shortage of work hours. With KYTE, the data from different retail chains can be reconciled in real-time as all the data is stored in cloud in a centralised manner. Also, the in-app leave management module allows easy attendance tracking, along with providing the benefit of effective leave management. KYTE also provides easy third-party integrations with other business management modules and therefore, allows easy data transfer.

Effective Shift Management

Retail stores often operate for extended hours with staff working in rotation shifts. Manually tracking the shift allocation and respective attendance can be a daunting task and can be made easy with the in-app shift scheduling module of KYTE. KYTE allows the supervisors to create and manage the shifts and allocate the respective staff from the app itself. The allocated staff members also receive the in-app notifications leading to effective staff coordination.

Support Business Decisions

The cloud storage of attendance records for required periods of time allows businesses to use the data for their essential business decisions like expanding the staff, future financial investments in resources and more. The online attendance records are also important for compliance with the employment rules by the government and local authorities. KYTE also provides reports and analytics module helping the business owners to get reports based on required metrics, in detailed manner. The reports dashboard of KYTE also provides data in form of charts and tables for easy visibility and effective business-related decision-making support.

If you are a retail store owner looking to effectively manage your employees, you are at the right place. For further information on KYTE, reach out to us at: 8003620388.

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